Mayor James’ Political Indecision

New York Times: Newark’s Longtime Mayor Sends Mixed Signals on Plans. Mayor James appears to be indecisive over whether he will run in the May 2006 campaign. Whether this is true indecision or just a political tactic to throw competitors off balance remains to be seen. Favorite quote from the article:

“Mayor James is the cagiest politician I know,” said the Rev. Reginald T. Jackson, the executive director of the Black Ministers’ Council of New Jersey. “Trying to figure out what he’s doing is like trying to hold running water.”

More Violent Crime in the Ironbound

The Newark Star-Ledger: Murder in Ironbound follows rally demanding more police. The second major crime in two weeks in the usually quiet and safe Ironbound neighborhood has people up in arms. Is the mayor not doing a good enough job protecting the citizens of Newark? Recently a couple told me that the neighborhood is changing, that the influx of too many immigrants is destabilizing the area. Not because of “foreigners,” I think, so much as people who just don’t own property don’t have a vested interest in keeping the neighborhood safe.
Both of these crimes happened on my street within blocks of each other. After the first, we figured it was a fluke and (statistically, anyway) wasn’t likely to happen again for a long time. Now, though, I’m beginning to wonder if there’s more truth to the idea that the Ironbound really is going downhill fast and the sooner we leave, the better.

Hi, There

Welcome to the Everything Newark blog, where we’ll be keeping track of goings-on in New Jersey’s Renaissance City! To kick off our inaugural post, let’s start with a question: is Newark truly in the process of renewal? Or is it simply the political rhetoric of a five-time incumbent mayor?