Several Shootings on Sunday

Several shootings in the south and central wards of the city — one of them fatal — have been hitting the news outlets.
7Online: Can Newark’s streets be taken back?. Also with a 2-minute video of the report.

A violent night has become a busy day for police detectives in Newark. Authorities are investigating several shooting incidents that erupted last night only a few hours apart.
One of the victims was killed and eight others ended up in hospital emergency rooms.

It was a wild night on Newark’s south side. Police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened and why all these occurred a matter of blocks from one another in a matter of hours.

Roslyn Freeman, Victim’s Mother: “Something need to be done about this and whoever did this, I wish they’d turn themselves in for everybody that they doing it to.”

Live from the Ledger: 1 dead in six separate shootings in Newark.

Newark police this morning were continuing their investigation into a rash of shootings that left one dead and several critically injured yesterday.

From 7:30 to 11 last night, Newark police reported six shootings that claimed nine victims.

In some cases, police were kept busy pursuing at least two of the shooters in high-speed chases, and transporting another two victims in squad cars, said Lt. Derek Glenn, a police department spokesman.

New York Times: 1 Dead and 6 Hurt in 4 Newark Shootings

The violence began at 5:30 p.m., witnesses said, when three young men playing basketball on a court at Mapes Terrace and Huntington Terrace were gunned down in a drive-by shooting. One of the three was in critical condition early this morning.

James Williams, 13, said he saw four men wearing bandanas drive by in a black car with the 50 Cent song “I’m Going to Die Tonight” playing on the radio. He said that a man in the front passenger seat leaned out and fired seven or eight shots with a handgun, hitting three of the five youths who were playing basketball.

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