Bill Cosby in Newark

Bill Cosby came back to Newark to discuss stemming the violence the city has experienced in the past six months. He essentially stuck to his script of criticizing disengaged parents and political leaders that have failed to attach the city’s problems effectively. 7Online and the Ledger have the story:
7Online: Bill Cosby discusses violence in Newark

Comedian Bill Cosby appearing in Newark on Tuesday night, but he was not there as entertainment.

Instead, he is speaking out about the alarming rate of violence in that community, especially among young people.

So far, 50 people have been murdered in Newark this year.

Live from the Ledger: Comedian Bill Cosby urges Newark to get serious

Cosby, 68, has been on a bit of a crusade lately, traveling the country to talk about many problems plaguing inner-city America, particularly poor and lower middle-class African-Americans. He has hosted “A Call Out with Bill Cosby” events in more than 20 cities, taking testimonials from residents on ways to curb violence, dropout rates, and teenage motherhood.

But tonight, Cosby came at the invitation of a city council committee examining Newark’s violence problem. He arrived two days after a string of shootings Sunday that left two people dead and 11 injured, illustrating the city’s rising rate of gun violence.

Cosby, who has visited the Newark area often, didn’t mention the shootings. The committee was taking testimony about youth violence and the underlying causes, and Cosby largely stuck to his usual script. He railed against parents who ignore their children, kids who learn English from gangsta rap and the failure of churches and city officials do anything about it.

Author: Ken Walker

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