Chico, the Newest (and Furriest) Newark Celebrity

The New York Times is reporting on the life and times of Newark’s latest celebrity, Chico the dog. The Silent Treatment. Chico, the broadway co-star of the Broadway hit, Legally Blonde, was found at the humane society right here in the streets of Newark.

An hour earlier, Chico had arrived at the Park Avenue penthouse of Cindy Adams. Jazzy Jr. and Juicy, her well-chronicled Yorkshire terriers, were volubly beside themselves. But Chico was unmoved. He avoided them, editorializing on the statuary.

“I think he’s giving his opinion of your paper,” Ms. Adams said, adding that the last time Chico visited (she devoted most of a column in The New York Post to it), everyone had gotten along and Chico hadn’t peed all over the place.

Ms. Adams did what she could. She brought out toys, sang “La Cucaracha” to Chico and licked his ears. But he remained stoic.

So who is the real Chico? He grew up on the mean streets of Newark, and ended up in the Newark chapter of the humane society. A year ago, Mr. Berloni called the chapter trying to find a Chihuahua who could act.

“They said ‘He’s handsome, he’s young,’ ” Mr. Berloni recalled. “ ‘But he’s a little tough.’ ”

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

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