False shades of Red

There is a wide spread rumor that has been somewhat confirmed through out the city. The recent concert containing rapper Lil’ Wayne was cancelled because of his blood affiliation. I don’t have true confirmation of this so this is a alleged. I would have thought the fact Cory Booker was allegedly threatened by the bloods this concert would have helped.
 How you may ask if it is wide know Lil’ Wayne is a blood all alleged as I said. This would have been a perfect chance for the Mayor to show his power and control by going on stage with Lil’ Wayne. This would of been a sign of solidarity and piece on the alleged part of the bloods and of Booker. What better way to show control over a situation than to make piece with your alleged enemy.

If in all actuality the bloods did threaten him and Wayne is a blood cancelling the concert at the last minute no less is a sign of cowardice. Why gang members flock where other gang members are and Lil Wayne is one of the most popular rappers out right now. He is every where by standing with him you show the bloods or any gang that you stand for any challenge and fight for your city through all adversity. By cancelling the concert you show cowardice in a sneaky I got you kind of way.

I’m am not a advocate of gangs or supporter in any way I’m supporting my city and wanted the Mayor to show the young people who need someone positive. I doubt they really know the true meaning of gangster is politician and nothing would have been more gangster for Booker. I also think of the revenue lost that promoter and the performers may not want to come back to our city. Which I believe is opening a new arena if I not mistaken but so what all the acts I have heard of being lined up aren’t for current Newarkers but for the Mayor’s“New Newarkers”. I guess I’m not one of them but less “Rock on at the Rock” or whatever the catch phrase is. 

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

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