New York Times: Brazilians Giving Up Their American Dream

New York Times: “Brazilians Giving Up Their American Dream”:

No one can say how many are leaving. But in the last half year, the reverse migration has become unmistakable among Brazilians in the United States, a population estimated at 1.1 million by Brazil’s government — four to five times the official census figures.

To explain an often wrenching decision to pull up stakes, homeward-bound Brazilians point to a rising fear of deportation and a slumping American economy. Many cite the expiration of driver’s licenses that can no longer be renewed under tougher rules, coupled with the steep drop in the value of the dollar against the currency of Brazil, where the economy has improved.

One Brazilian commentator notes that landlords will be facing a “crisis.” Ironbound rents have consistently been higher than the rest of the city — one wonders if this will bring downward pressure to those rents and, if so, will that affect the quality of life in the area?

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

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