New York Times: In Newark, Remembering the Dead

New York Times: In Newark, Remembering the Dead

Aljira, a feisty alternative art space in Newark, often shows artwork that has a razor-sharp social and political edge. Its latest exhibition, “Rest in Peace,” by Helen M. Stummer, is probably the most stark and arresting yet.

The show includes about 60 large black-and-white photographs, many of them documenting spontaneous street memorials in and around Newark dedicated to young people killed by gang violence, car accidents or drug overdoses. Ms. Stummer also seeks out relatives and friends of the dead and documents their mourning. The imagery is direct, confrontational and often affecting.

The Times reviews an exhibition at the Aljira gallery here in Newark entitled, “Rest in Peace.” Here’s a description from the the Aljira website:

This exhibition presents the photography of Helen M. Stummer who has practiced social documentary photography for thirty years. Beginning in 1980, Stummer photographed primarily in Newark, the city of her birth. In 1998, she began photographing spontaneous memorials dedicated to young people who were senselessly killed. After seeking out those who knew the deceased, Stummer created photographs that became part of their mourning process. The series Rest in Peace forms the centerpiece of this exhibition.

You can check out the exhibition at 591 Broad Street in Newark.

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

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