Star Ledger: Teen indicted in shooting of 3-year-old in Newark

Star Ledger: Teen indicted in shooting of 3-year-old in Newark

An East Orange teenager has been indicted on charges that he fired a machine gun at a moving vehicle in Newark this fall, critically wounding a 3-year-old boy who was a passenger in the back seat.

The shooting occurred in downtown Newark on Orchard Street four months ago in a part of town not typically known for this kind of violence. The shooting was even more horrifying, knowing that it occurred just eight blocks from City Hall during broad daylight. I wrote about the crime back in September:

The shooting occurred during the day in a part of town not typically associated with violent crime. Because of this, and that the shooter didn’t seem to harm his intended victim, it would appear to have been an act of desperation. There were no fatalities, but the act alone is chilling: I’ve walked and driven past this spot in the mid-to-late afternoon plenty of times. I have a small child. What’s to say the shooter hadn’t mistaken the driver for someone else?

Four days after the shooting, there are no conclusive thoughts to share. Yes, the police must stay vigilant and track down the shooter. Yes, Newark has a culture of violence that enables this kind of brash disregard for human life or the law. But, at the end of the day, this kind of crime just leaves a vague sense of unease.

The arrest and indictment is a positive message in an otherwise tragic event.

Author: Ken Walker

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2 thoughts on “Star Ledger: Teen indicted in shooting of 3-year-old in Newark”

  1. how can they give this guy 22 counts.investagators say the target was the driver shaquan murphy,why is’nt anyone looking into his crimnal i said before why would anyone shoot a child on purpose.what about the kid that gotten killed 2 days or 3 days before everyone just 4 gotten about him he was a baby his self.everyone needs to pay attention to this carfully look at the situation from every angle in this case everyone is a suspect because when shots are being let loose u don’t try to look at the person u get low every male in newark has dreadlocks and is tall u need the hard proof evidence not by word or mouth cameras,finger prints word of mouth someone may did’nt like him.come on people of newark what if that was someone u knew or a family member u would’nt want them to do time and they did’nt do the time i know i would’nt ya never know the shooter may still be on the loose look at the crimnals that exsape from union county jail.


  2. this is the systems problem now.why didnt anyone look further into this crime. You’ll have no evidence ,what if he really didn’t do it, you’ll would be messing up his life. just because he has a background doesn’t mean people don’t change. Did you’ll look at the targets background? I can answer that no you’ll assumed he was the suspect. Ok you’ll had a couple of witness, where are they now. actually how do you’ll know if they just didn’t have something against him. Why would he turn himself in if he did it and it was in broad daylight. Even if he was in that area at the time of the crime couldn’t even had just remember seeing him because his idenity is so easy to remember. Do you think this is justice, how could it be you may be throwing an innocent mans life away. Is it cause the system maybe scared of him winning trail and that the city may rebail. I have sympathy for the family but, just as well as they are hurt what would they be doing to someone else child if he was prosecuted and innocent. so the system will take away someones freedom to give someone else happiness. All i’m saying is that people who are innocent will never turn themselves in look whats happening to him. Give him a chance or at least get more evidence.


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