Turning the Page

I know we’re all still waiting with baited breath to see if we’ve truly turned a page in Newark’s long struggle with homicides. But a brief mention in the aforelinked New York Times article would seem to indicate another quiet, subtle milestone of hope in the city.

Billboards — “Stop the Killings in Newark Now” — that had been plastered around the city by the local teachers union have been taken down.

The contentious ‘Stop the Killings’ billboards (paid for by the Newark Teachers’ Union) which were plastered throughout the city and drew national attention have started to come down. I’ve yet to see anything more cynical than politics in Newark, but even in the contentious relationship between City Hall and the Teachers’ Union, we’re starting to see a ray of hope.

Perhaps we truly are turning a page in Newark’s history.

More Reading

Associated Press: Newark homicides down, billboards too

For the first time in more than four decades, the killings in Newark have stopped — for the last month, at least — and the billboards are coming down as a result.

“I said when I saw some reduction, I would begin the process of taking them down,” said Newark Teachers Union president Joseph Del Grosso, whose organization paid for the signs. “To belabor the point wouldn’t be beneficial to anybody.”

As of Friday, Newark marked its 33rd day without an official homicide, a startling fact for a city that has averaged about two killings a week over the last few years and saw homicides spike 50 percent from 2002 to 2006.

NewarkUSA: Murder Billboards to Come Down; WNET Showing

The Associated Press, in an article Gaetano alerted me to, reported yesterday that the @#!*% president of the Newark Teachers Union who put up billboards saying “HELP WANTED: Stop The Killings In Newark Now!” has decided to take them down, next month, in consideration of the steep drop in murders in the city. They should never have been put up, and for Joseph Del Grosso to suggest that they had anything to do with the drop is outrageous. It was a campaign willfully to hurt Newark, not help, and he should be voted out by Newark teachers at their very earliest opportunity.

5Reasons: Delfatso Will Remove The Signs

Delfatso also used NTU resources to print up anti-Booker recall looney “news.” It’s been a bad month for this clown. First, the recall crazy brigade fade to black without a comment and now murder has gone a full month without rearing its ugly head. Some scam artists just can’t catch a break, right bro?

The signs were wrong. The politics of murder was cruel. The leadership is stuck in the past. I’m glad they failed. Newark is a better place because of it.

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

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