NJ.com: Booker could be asked to testify against Sharpe James

NJ.com: Booker could be asked to testify against Sharpe James

The defense team may call Booker because as a councilman, he voted to authorize some of those land sales, said Alan Zegas, one of James’ attorneys.

Booker voted with Councilmen Augusto Amador and Luis Quintana on March 20, 2002, to sell three properties to Riley for $18,000, according to city records. It remains unclear whether Amador and Quintana also will be asked to testify.

The resolution approving the sale said an investigation determined Riley had the proper qualifications and financial resources to acquire the properties and develop them. The resolution also called for Riley to “undertake the substantial rehabilitation” of the properties before reselling them at market-rate prices.

Riley sold the properties – without rehabilitating them – for $80,000, a profit of $62,000 in a month, according to the indictment against her and James.

Booker said he had not been asked to testify, nor had be been interviewed by federal prosecutors. He said he has had no involvement with the case since his administration complied with a subpoena for James’ records.

Author: Ken Walker

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