Local Investor Seeks Partners to Buy St. James Hospital

TDN received a tip from a reader that a local investor is looking to buy out St. James Hospital from Cathedral Health Systems. Readers might recall that the hospital shut down acute care services as a result of the sale from Cathedral Health Systems to Catholic Health East.
The article appears a bit misinformed, however, as St. James continues to offer services as a satellite of St. Michael’s Hospital, including a 24-hour satellite emergency room, prenatal clinic and mental health. Only patients needing acute services will have to go to Saint Michael’s.

Robert G Schooley is forming an Investment Group to purchase St. James Hospital in Ironbound section of Newark.

The Hospital was closed several months ago which has caused a loss of jobs and an additional slow down in the economy in the Ironbound and the surrounding areas in Newark, NJ.

The plan for the facility is to have an Emergency Room, Clinic, Surgical Center and other Medical services.

Mr. Schooley is in the process of scheduling meetings to meet with local, state and federal officials to include offices of Mayor Booker, Governor Corzine and Senator Lautenberg as well as Cathedral Health Systems.

Mr. Schooley is also trying to meet with doctors and community groups in the area.

If interested in finding out more contact Mr. Schooley at stjames.ironbound@yahoo.com or (201) 391-7444.

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

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