Star Ledger: Corzine to review 3 finalists to head Newark schools

Corzine to review 3 finalists to head Newark schools
Its interesting — and a litle bewildering — that in the current political climate, there are three stakeholders in our public schools apart from the kids and their parents: the state, who appoints the superintendent; the city administration, who has no direct influence over the schools: and the teachers’ union, whose primary role appears to be to antagonize the city with outrageous billboard advertisements.

Three candidates will be considered by Gov. Jon Corzine to lead the state’s largest district, with more than 80 schools, 42,000 students and a nearly $1 billion budget.

Former Washington, D.C., Superintendent Clifford Janey, Providence Superintendent Donnie W. Evans, and Ross Danis, former Randolph assistant superintendent and program director of the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, were selected from 45 candidates who applied for the job to replace Superintendent Marion Bolden.

The candidates were selected by a committee, appointed by Corzine, that has met regularly since the beginning of the year, said committee chair and Rutgers-Newark history professor Clement Price. “We were rigorous in our deliberations, exacting when researching references, and wanted candidates whose qualifications, values and experiences spoke directly to what we heard from the community and city stakeholders,” he said.

“I find it remarkable there are three candidates and there is not one Newarker involved,” said Newark Teachers Union president Joseph Del Grosso. “What does that say for the people who have labored in Newark?”

Amusing sidebar: unless he’s changed his home address, Del Grasso himself is not a “Newarker”. Does he actually mean with this quote people who live in Newark, people who work here, or both?

Author: Ken Walker

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