Booker markets Newark to retailers

Booker markets Newark to retailers
Booker is again attending the ICSC in Vegas in an attempt to draw big retail into Newark. The results so far, pointed out by the Ledger, have been mixed: an Old Navy and Kinko’s left town, but many Dunkin Donuts and Subway stores have popped up in their place.

The ICSC is set to go all week, and we just might have a special guest on site in Vegas for a podcast interview. Stay tuned!

When Newark Mayor Cory Booker headed to a Las Vegas retail conference a year ago, his itinerary was crammed with meetings with large developers and national retailers who expressed interest in the city.

“We catalyzed interest last year and in succeeding years, we will work to bring deals home,” said Stefan Pryor, the city’s deputy mayor for economic development. “These deals do not happen overnight.”

New stores, such as three Dunkin’ Donuts, several Subway franchises and a host of new restaurants around the Prudential Center are considered critical “base hits” to officials.

The city, though, would still need a large bookstore, such as Barnes & Noble or a Whole Foods to come to Newark. Booker said he’s had conversations with Whole Foods and Barnes & Noble, which have told him the city is still at least five years away from getting those stores.

“That still doesn’t mean things aren’t going to happen in the city,” Booker said.

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