Newark’s 2008 Proposed Budget

Newark’s 2008 Proposed Budget
City Hall has posted the 2008 proposed budget to its website in PDF format. Worth taking a casual glance through the numbers and seeing if any Chevy Tahoes made their way in there 😉

We have laid the foundation for better fiscal management by reducing our expenses and increasing our revenues. This proposed budget reflects a four percent (4%) overall reduction in head count and a four percent (4%) increase in projected revenues. Our ability to balance the budget in this way is the direct result of difficult choices in holding the line on our expenses in 2007, as well as better enforcement and collections of our revenues.

Many of the chronic financial issues that have plagued Newark over the last two decades, such as mismanagement of city funds, improper sales of city lands, and lack of accountability in municipal operations, have been or are being addressed by this administration, in a long-range, comprehensive manner. Whether we have taken legal action to end land sales that do not benefit the city or simply moved to end illegal and wasteful practices that cost Newark money, we have looked for solutions that do more than merely slap a bandage on a wound – but heal it and end the fiscal pain.

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

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