Star Ledger: Newark pols split on Senate hopefuls

Newark pols split on Senate hopefuls
Katie Wang with the Inside Baseball look at the Booker administration’s mixed support in the NJ senate race for Sen. Lautenberg’s seat.

Bankston said when he broke the news to Booker that he was supporting Andrews, the mayor hung his head and grinned.

“I’m a senior adviser in his cabinet, and he’s always been supportive of me as an individual,” Bankston said. “I told him it was no disrespect to his organization or as mayor, but I could not support Lautenberg. Andrews really spoke to me as a candidate.”

Booker said he understands why some want to support Andrews. “But as the person who is chiefly in charge of watching the dollars and cents for the City of Newark, I have no choice but to support Senator Lautenberg,” Booker said. “Senator Lautenberg has consistently brought millions and millions of dollars back to our city to support the critical initiatives and programs our residents need, from parks to public safety. This election can’t be about sentiment or slogan, it must be about substance, and clearly Senator Lautenberg delivers for the City of Newark.”

Author: Ken Walker

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