The Portugal Day Experience

So, we really puzzled over a way to share the Portugal Day Festival experience here on the blog. Truth be told, from the art shows this week, to the festival tonight, to the parade tomorrow, there are so many things to experience that we just couldn’t possibly attend them all.
But you can. This weekend, we’ll be featuring a section at the top of the blog that shows Flickr photos and Twitter messages that you create from the festival. It’s our little experiment in this whole “participatory culture” thing.

Here’s a chance to make the TDN homepage: post your photo or comment (details below) and they’ll show up at the top of the blog. At the end of the weekend, we’ll recap the best photos and comments here on the blog.

How does it work?

Photos. We’re showing photos of Newark from the Newark NJ group’ on the photo-sharing service, Flickr. To post your photos to the Daily Newarker, just create a Flickr account, join the Newark NJ group, and upload your photos.

Twitter. We’re showing comments from the text-messaging service, Twitter. To post your comments to the Daily Newarker, just create a Twitter account, set up your cell for text messaging, and post your comments — right from the festival! Be sure to include “#portugalday” somewhere in your comment so we include it here.

If Twitter sounds too techie, you can always post a comment on our Survival Guide, too.

Happy festivaling, Newarkers!

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

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