New ‘Electric Company’ diner is in Newark

New ‘Electric Company’ diner is in Newark
Sesame Street Workshop, whose podcast my 16-month-old absolutely adores, will be filming a portion of its revived Electric Company series on a set in Downtown Newark.

While streetscapes and other segments will be shot in New York City, one can’t help but feel a little pride that comes with the caché of a television studio in the city. I’ve been in the Ironbound long enough to remember the euphoria when Stephen Spielberg and Tom Cruise graced us with their presence while filming War of the Worlds — photos of the two of them were hung in coffeeshops and restaurants all over the neighborhood.

I know Sesame Street regularly draws celebrities into its episodes, so who knows? We might just see Sarah Jessica Parker or Cuba Gooding Jr. relaxing at The Spot or 27 Mix after wrapping up on set.

Booker toured the main set for the revival of the kids’ TV series, “The Electric Company,” a show promoting literacy that the mayor fondly recalled from his childhood.

“I was enthralled by ‘The Electric Company,’” Booker, 39, said. The PBS show aired from 1971 to 1977, and then in reruns until 1985.

During his visit, Booker posed behind the curvy blue counter of “The Electric Diner” with cast members and all shouted, “Hey you guys!” the signature introduction of the original show.

Author: Ken Walker

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