A $126 Million Rumor, Flying From New Jersey to Rio

A $126 Million Rumor, Flying From New Jersey to Rio
The Times chases rumors of the $126 million lotto ticket sold in the Ironbound. The least colorful — and most likely true — is excerpted below.

Antonio Seabra, owner of A & J Seabra Supermarkets XII in Ironbound, where the winning ticket was sold, said in a telephone interview late Thursday that he knew the winners. And while he declined to disclose their names, he said the winners were a married couple, legal Portuguese immigrants who had been shopping at his chain of supermarkets for 35 years and who were putting off claiming the prize until they could get their legal affairs in order.

“They’re wonderful, wonderful people,” Mr. Seabra said. “They are so humble, a hard-working family. One of the American dreams.” The husband, he added, “actually went to work the next day.”

But the tale of the Brazilian lottery winner has become a great example of a world made small by modern telecommunications, media, trade and travel, where rumors in one immigrant corner of one American city can quickly reverberate back home, even if home is thousands of miles and a hemisphere away.

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

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