Newark schools chief says 30,000 elementary students will wear uniforms

Newark schools chief says 30,000 elementary students will wear uniforms
Promised as a part of a larger reform package, shiny new Newark schools Superintendent Clifford Janey will require 30k students to wear uniforms to class starting in the winter of 2009.

Some schools already require students wear uniforms so the new policy won’t come as a shock. After parents lobbied the Elliott Street School Principal Angel Juarbe to mandate uniforms, he implemented a policy in 2003.

“It unified the students, promoted pride, helped student resist peer pressure and saved parents money,” said Juarbe who is now an executive assistant to the superintendent. “That was the big thing, parents could buy one or two uniforms and it was much less expensive than an entire back to school wardrobe.”

Author: Ken Walker

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6 thoughts on “Newark schools chief says 30,000 elementary students will wear uniforms”

  1. Updating the uniform policy in September 2009 makes sense, updating it in the middle of the upcoming school year does not. While I agree the uniforms can potentially make a difference in the schools, There are alot of parents in Newark that are in need of financial assistance to buy basic’s like food, and to keep a roof over thier heads. So money to buy uniforms is not the priority. I will attend tonight meeting’s to get further information.


  2. This is an outrage. I do not recommend that students are to use school uniforms. Yes i know you say it saves money and all but you dont have to by clothes every year, you use the clothes fom the year before. Another point of view, students should be able to wear what they want, it shows there individuality and personality. Wearing the same clothes as everyone else is like telling your students and children to follow the crowd and not be themselves. I know many people this is an act of discipline, but i disagree. Your students and children will only complain at home more and more each day, and they complain enough already. In school they will most likely either cause protest, not wear the uniform, and complain. I thank you for taking your time to read this and i hope you understand the point of view i am coming from. And by the way this is blasphemy!!!!


  3. Oh settle down, Bob.
    Requiring elementary school students to wear school uniforms will NOT kill their souls or destroy an individual student’s ability to express his or her individuality. And since when are grown folk afraid of some complaining from a bunch of fifth graders?
    Speaking of complaining, why don’t more parents howl in protest over the cost of sponsoring that asinine ritual called the ‘eighth grade prom’? You mean to tell me that the same people who shell out time AND money for an entire prom outfit for one evening can’t cough up the dough to pay for uniforms that are used for the whole school year? Nonsense.
    I hope Janey sticks to his guns on this, because he’s not asking for anything unreasonable.


  4. I think that this is a great idea. I have been waiting for this to happen for year. Not only is it easier on the parents pockets, it help children focus on what is important during school. Children of elementry school age aren’t the person responsible for what the want to wear to school anyway. I personally chooses what my children will wear to school. Its a big burden off the parents. Thank you so much.


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