Booker changes the perception of Newark

Booker changes the perception of Newark
The communications team at City Hall has really been exceptional about reaching out to bloggers, as well as big media. When I call up, the team knows who I am and makes time available for me.

Kudos for this profile in PRWeek about how this critical function in the Mayor’s administration is capitalizing on the nation’s fresh attention to its third-oldest city.

The arrival of the 39-year-old Booker as mayor provided an opportunity for change, according to his office’s communications director, Desiree Peterkin Bell. Since Booker took office two years ago, he has worked to build out its communications machinery so that when a problem arises, like the building evacuation, the mayor’s office is able to quickly brief state and federal officials, as well organize the press to cover the story with little notice.

“Under this administration, we’ve basically redefined how government interacts with people,” Bell says. “We want people to know that Newark is a great place to live, work, and visit… and invest. I’ve committed to the mayor that, if we’re going to get our message out, we’re going to engage as many outlets as possible.”

Author: Ken Walker

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