Cory Booker Has a Blog

Cory Booker Has a Blog
Peek into the thoughts (and datebook) of Mayor Cory Booker at his new blog. There have yet to be any cat photos, and it’s unclear whether the Mayor will be Twittering his every move (“OMG! Star Trek TNG Marathon this weekend for realz!!1!!one!”).

But this will doubtless be a welcome resource for Newarkers and another reason why the transparency argument just doesn’t hold water. (Hat tip: Ironman).

Hi, I’m Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, NJ. I’ve started this blog as an opportunity not only to record the inner workings of my office and my own mind, but also to hear from both those who support me and those who may not. So please, make this page a conversation. Together we can move Newark forward.

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

3 thoughts on “Cory Booker Has a Blog”

  1. Hi Mayor Booker,I need your help desparately. I live in Maplewood and have a second/part-time job at the arena box office since its opening…AND I LOVE IT!!
    The reason I am writing is to ask you can help me with canvasing Obama support in my neighborhood. As McCain yard signs are popping up, my neighbors have asked me if I could get some for them, because mine has been out since the BEGINNING of this campaign. Many of my neighbors are tapped out with their money, but want to show support. I’ve already given out everything I’ve purchased from his website. Is there any resource you have to obtain some yard signs for me that I could pick up from your office? I would only need around 5. I am also volunteering at a rally this sunday (9/28) in our town. I really hope you can make that, and moreover help me help my neighbors show our community that they support OBAMA…together, yes we can! Be well.


  2. Cory! I may not be there anymore but you will always have my support! I believed in you in 2000 when others didnt and my faith in you will never waiver. You make true Newarkers proud.


  3. Dear Cory:
    I realize what a long shot this is.. however, I wanted
    to invite you to an exhibition of photographic
    portraits from The Gambia entitled, “Makasutu: Mecca in
    the Forest” by British photographer, Jason Florio.
    I realize your dedication to Newark’s renewal takes
    precedence over other less pressing matters. I wanted
    to personally invite you to view this extraordinary
    collection of black and white portraits from Western
    Opening Reception: Feb 5th, 6-8pm
    227 West 29th Str., 4th Fl (#111)
    NYC ph: 212.414.0827
    Quite awhile ago I had an opportunity to visit The
    Ballantine House and the Decorative Arts Galleries at
    The Newark Museum.. if memory serves me correctly
    The Ballantine House is the only extant urban mansion
    that is authentically restored to its turn-of-the-
    century grandeur and open to the public.
    Warmest regards,
    Helene Greenberg Wyman


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