Newark’s Green Future Summit

Newark’s Green Future Summit
Newark’s second annual Green Future Summit will take place this year at NJIT to converse and imagine a greener city. Issues such as job creation, green construction, and youth initiatives will be discussed among a panel that includes individuals from Newark-based organizations such as the Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District, the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice, and Brick City Urban Farms.

Toni Griffin, whose community meetings entitled “Shifting Forward 2025,” and which Zemin attended and blogged, will also be presenting a recap of her findings.

The conference spans two days this Friday and Saturday, and is free and open to the public.

Beginning with a commitment made at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2007, the City of Newark has partnered with the Apollo Alliance, and other national organizations, to bring together local community, business, and government leaders around creating a sustainability roadmap.

The “Newark’s Green Future” roadmap will outline the strategies, priorities and city-community collaboration necessary to realizing a sustainable economy – one that creates “green jobs” for residents, positively impacts community health, enhances public infrastructure, and increases opportunities for future generations.

The roadmap will be the subject of discussion at the upcoming Newark’s Green Future Summit. The two-day summit will highlight existing Newark sustainability initiatives and programs, present best practices from across the country, and offer an opportunity for participatory dialogue to chart priorities and next steps.

The Summit is free and open to the public.

Author: Ken Walker

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