Barter Up This Saturday

Barter Up This Saturday at NJIT: a demonstration of an alternate non-cash-based economy.  Bartering serves two real needs for our time: trading goods provides a green recycling alternative to throwing your old stuff away, and getting by on a slim budget in our brutal economy.

Check out the invite, which provides some details on the presentation and a sketch of how the Barter Economy works: 15 Nov 2008 – Barter Up Update.

A barter-based alternate economy demonstration in Newark personifies socio-economic feasibility of a Green Collar society.

Newark, NJ – November 14, 2008 – An old tradition becomes a modern philosophy on Saturday, November 15th from 11AM-3PM at NJIT when Newarkers engage in Let’s Barter Up, Brickerati Green’s demonstration of economic sustainability. As the recession continues to hit home and the holidays expediently approach, Newarkers are looking at ways to cut costs, stay local, and have fun. At NJIT’s “The Gallery” participants in the first Let’s Barter Up will join students, administrators, residents, and businesses, in welcoming a sustainable solution to a financial, consumer, and waste issue.

Let’s Barter Up is an initial step towards a Green lifestyle that is immediately relevant. As Newarkers bring in their like-new and gently-used items in exchange for stocking-stuffers, office favorites, and dorm must-haves, they will begin to participate in a major Green concept: recycling.

Brickerati Green’s Ninapilar Daniels is the concept designer behind Let’s Barter Up. Her vision was to create an event where all live-work-play Newarkers participate in a tangibly relevant Green initiative that relates to their immediate worries and needs, and acts as a starting point towards a sustainable mindset.

Ms. Daniels says, “The Green concept is so massive and sometimes results are not always immediately apparent to Newarkers. As the holidays approach pockets are tight; Newarkers are more concerned about how they are going to buy more stuff for their families. The Green opportunity here is to show how we can cut back on consumable spending, which inevitably will cut back on consumer waste, and reuse stuff that is still functionally new.”

In addition to goods, Let’s Barter Up encourages service swaps including tutoring, music lessons, and consultations. In order to keep all swaps equal, there are six trade “levels.” The value determined for the product received equates the number of “Green Bricks” the individual receives and then trades with. An individual’s investment in the barter economy determines the strength of the economy itself, thus contributing to the anticipation of this demonstration.

This event is free to attend. All participants, visitors, and media are strongly encouraged to bring an item to barter; seed the economy! No money will be accepted in exchange for a bartered item.

For media opportunities please contact Pamela Daniels at 862.220.2601.

Author: Ken Walker

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