NJPAC, Nation’s “Most Glamorous Theater”

Exploring NJPAC’s beginnings, impact on the community, global reputation (described by renowned critics as one of the “world’s greatest concert halls” and “the nation’s most glamorous theater”) and ambitions for growth.

njpac-exterior-photo-credit-estoI met with Jeff Norman and Josh Balber to talk about what one might still consider to be Newark’s best kept secret: the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.
“Pffft,” you say, “I’ve heard of NJPAC before.“  But, did you know that the center that has drawn over six million people to Newark since its open in 1997?  Did you know that the Center counts Yo-Yo Ma, Bob Dylan, Lauryn Hill and the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater among its performances?  Or that deeply embedded into the DNA of the Performing Arts Center is a desire to catalyze the city’s renewal?

Or even that the Center’s Prudential Hall has been described by renowned critics as one of the “world’s greatest concert halls” and “the nation’s most glamorous theater”?


Jeff and Josh were kind enough to share some of the details about how the NJPAC was conceived and built by Lawrence Goldman, the Center’s arts programs and its ambitions for growth.



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Author: Ken Walker

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One thought on “NJPAC, Nation’s “Most Glamorous Theater””

  1. Nice interview. But in regards to you talking about Newark becoming Hoboken in which everyone gets kicked out so a more upscale environment is established, I dunno what the big deal is. If Hoboken and certain parts of similar cities nationwide can deregulate affordable housing, why can’t certain parts of Newark, ESPECIALLY downtown? You folks claim you want change, yet you want status quo. If gentrifying downtown means permenantly getting rid of the useless waste that basically runs it(ie ghetto retail, deterioating ‘historic’ buildings, bums, drug addicts, etc), then I say go for it.
    There is no reason why a city’s downtown district should have affordable housing or more cheap retail with dollar stores. Unless the housing is set aside for artists, it’s the last thing it needs.


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