Newark Lotto Mystery Solved

If you had a nagging feeling about the $126 million unclaimed lottery ticket from Seabra’s supermarket in the Ironbound, you can put those feelings to rest. The winners of the multi-million dollar jackpot have been found and presented their reward in Trenton: Union County couple collects Mega Millions jackpot.
The Ledger piece is a but sketchy on details — What kind of people are they? What took them so long to claim the prize? How do they plan to spend it? — but it offers a little closure if you had a sneaking suspicion you’d thrown away that golden ticket.

It’s a wonderful life — for life — for Mario and Clelia Lopes, a husband and wife from Union County who won $75.5 million in the July 22 Mega Millions lottery and came forward today to claim their prize.

The couple was presented the check at noon in Trenton as the highlight of a press conference hosted by state Treasurer R. David Rousseau and they New Jersey Lottery.

They speak only Portuguese and spoke through an interpreter at the press conference. Mario is a foreman for a construction contractor and Clelia is a homemaker.

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

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