Pru Center Construction Receives Industry Kudos

Newark’s Prudential Center has been named Project of the Year by a trade magazne accoring to this NY Daily News briefing: The Closer: Disclosures, appraisals, flips and splits of New York’s real estate community
The city will also host its first championship boxing match in 60 years at the Rock this weekend.

Congratulations to the Gilbane Building Company and everyone associated with Newark’s Prudential Center arena, which was just named the 2008 Project of the Year by New York Construction News, a trade magazine covering the building industry. After a disagreement between two construction companies, Gilbane  took over the job a year and a half into the construction, miraculously delivering the project on time and on-budget to exact specifications.

The Gilbane family was out celebrating Tuesday night, with their annual center table at the Waldorf Astoria hotel for the National Football Foundation’s annual College Hall of Fame dinner, where T. Boone Pickens and Lou Holtz were honored. Gilbane Building, a five-generation construction and development company, has been building the country’s stadiums, hospitals, university buildings and large-scale public projects since 1873. The company is one of the largest builders of public schools in the nation, and it just completed the architecturally stunning Capitol Visitor Center in Washington, D.C.

This weekend, the Prudential Center will hold Newark’s first championship boxing fight in 60 years. That’s a long time coming for a city on the rise whose downtown boxing scene was one of the best in the country in the 1940s.

Author: Ken Walker

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4 thoughts on “Pru Center Construction Receives Industry Kudos”

  1. So its the holiday vacation for me and Im back in new jersey spending time with family and friends. I decide to go to my first ever devils game tonight, in the city of my birth. The Pru-Center might very well be considered an award winning structure but whomever gives such awards needs to have their taste questioned. Myself I found it to be nothing more than a giant shopping mall of hockey. Neither bad nor good.. just.. new and shiney and serves its purpose. On the good side, hard to locate a bad seat in the house, great views from anywhere. On the bad side, its all about roping people into laying down more cash while theyre at the game. And actually worse than all that, the food theyre offering hungry fans during these fairly long events is among the worst food a human could eat. Unbelievable that in 2008 there is no serious food stand to be found, and by serious I mean one that features fresh unprocessed food, that includes fruits and vegetables. And they have the nerve to target families with children… only to feed them food that is guaranteed to lead them down the great American road to obesity. Nice place to see a game, you could say that. But the overall experience, boo. my 2 cents of course, everyone else seemed quite happy.. Im obviously the outsider.


  2. IMHO The food at the Rock is actually a step above what is served at most stadiums. It’s overpriced but that’s pretty typical. You’d find no different at Madison Square Garden, etc.


  3. The food at the Rock is fantastic, and there is a huge selection. It can get expensive, which is no different than any other arena or stadium. However, most of the foods you get at the Rock are big portions and will fill you up which makes it worth it. The Jimmy Buff’s are WORTH IT!!!


  4. Unless you are in California, good luck finding healthy foods at arenas or stadiums. If you do get lucky, good luck keeping it down! Can’t go wrong with pizza, you have your tomato sauce and cheese. Part of the food groups!


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