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Please DM me address & any info so I can take action RT michaelsantos person mugged outside my house this AM.Officers still haven't arrived</blockquote><p style="margin: -1em 0pt 1em;text-align: right"><cite><a href="">&mdash;CoryBooker

I’m again grateful 4 the courage of our police. Late last nite, a foot chase of an armed shooter let to their capture & a gun off the street


DineanR such a great post! I hope that people will read it!!!! Especially those at</blockquote><p style="margin: -1em 0pt 1em;text-align: right"><cite><a href="">&mdash;dnnewark

We are back – catch the buzz / 2x caffeine – buy 1 lb -get 1/2 lb free plus $ 1.00 ice coffee and tea and lemonade come on buy


White suburban mothers sell weed: its a comedic sitcom called “Weeds”. Black folks in the hood do it: it’s a reality series called “Cops”.


Protest in Newark right now?mccarter and ferry?wsup with that


Watching “Street Fight” a documentary chronicling CoryBooker's 2002 campaign against Sharpe James for mayor of Newark. Spicy stuff.</blockquote><p style="margin: -1em 0pt 1em;text-align: right"><cite><a href="">&mdash;LarryLyons2

Newark Goes Back to School is this Sat at 4pm NewarkBears stadium will you be there?</blockquote><p style="margin: -1em 0pt 1em;text-align: right"><cite><a href="">&mdash;NewarkNow Breeding Ground For Racism & Ignorance


“Brick City” will encourage a healthy discourse between folks. The power of collective action and cities as incubators of change, r themes


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