Joan Whitlow: Newark politics and the shirts on kids’ backs

Joan Whitlow: Newark politics and the shirts on kids’ backs

Then someone sent me some T-shirts. One was made for a city swim program, one for a community mentoring program, and a small, bright orange one for a children’s basketball program. They’re all paid for by the City of Newark division of recreation. Printed across the backs of the shirts:

Mayor Cory A. Booker

“Here to Win in 2010”

Making Newark’s Recreation/Cultural Affairs “The International Destination.”

I’m not sure what the last two lines mean, but the first two sure read like politicking at public expense.

Smart piece on City Hall’s apparent misuse of public funds for political means. The shirts were not distributed, and the city’s Inspector General is investigating the incident.

However, this is the type of political shenanigans that were business-as-usual in years past, and the exact culture Booker ran to reverse.

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

One thought on “Joan Whitlow: Newark politics and the shirts on kids’ backs”

  1. Hello Ms. Whitlow , First let me start by saying you write very interesting stories,stories that get peoples attention to lots of important going ons in and around this great City..I feel as though i should let someone know about the ticket situation that is happening in the Central Ward(can not say about other wards).At 2 & 3 in the morning ,Nwk. Police are ticketing vehicles for parking to close to cross walk but during the day its OK .Numerous tickets are being disspered during the am hours when daylight its seem as thought everything is acceptable.We have numerous people with assigned handicap spots, therefore it leaves us with no place to park. Is this what the Citizens of Newark whom work for a living have to look forward to. I can not speak for no one else but I can`t afford to just cough up 54 dollars for whenever the city wants money.


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