Wally Edge: If Booker gets less than 60%, is his star quality tarnished?

Wally Edge: If Booker gets less than 60%, is his star quality tarnished?

Newark Mayor Cory Booker has two opponents in the May 11 election: 67-year-old former judge and prosecutor Clifford Minor, and the expectations game.

The charismatic Booker, with a 17-1 fundraising advantage, is likely to win re-election to as second term against the quiet and reserved Minor, who has the backing of what is left of Sharpe James’ old machine. The problem for Booker is that he won with 75% of the vote four years ago (against a formidable opponent, State Sen. Ronald Rice) and then went on to become a national media sensation.

The defeat of Gov. Jon Corzine last fall makes Booker a leading candidate for the 2013 Democratic nomination for governor, if he wants it. But a lackluster victory against a bland, relatively unknown, underfinanced opponent – perhaps anything under 60% — might create the impression that local voters don’t think Booker is as good as his friends in Washington, Chicago and Hollywood think he is. That might make his front runner status in the next gubernatorial primary less automatic.

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

One thought on “Wally Edge: If Booker gets less than 60%, is his star quality tarnished?”

  1. Cory Booker is the “Social Media Mayor” and promotes him self as the “Hero Mayor” running around town at night, with the media cameras and police body-guards ever present, pretending to be some supper vigilante. He enhances his national image at the expense of Newark’s reputation, “Hero Mayor” V “Evil City”. He made national headlines when Newark had one month in the last 40 years without a murder. Imagine for a moment an entrepreneur looking to open a business. Would Newark be considered or would a city that had a murder last month and none for the last 40 years be chosen?
    Booker is the “Wizard of Oz” pulling the levers of power behind the curtain and will not take any risk to his political future.
    Booker backed down when it was exposed that his backers were planning to build a helicopter airport across the street from people’s homes.
    Booker temporally backed down with his plan to take control of Newark’s water department and 38 thousand acre water shed and place it in the hands of an outside authority. Booker said that it was a “half baked idea” and placed it with a study group. He knows how widely unpopular this idea is. We know that he will bring this idea back July 1st after the election.
    Booker’s whole political strategy is to use Newark as a stepping stone on to higher office; Senator or Governor.
    The “Social Media Mayor” as loved by many outside of Newark but his reelection is in doubt.
    The League of Women Voters of New Jersey sponsoring the Newark Mayoral Forum was informed that “Cory A. Booker has declined to participate in the Forum, indicating that he does not participate in public forums”. The James Street neighborhood association held a candidate’s night and the Booker “team” would not participate in the forum with three challengers for the office of mayor.
    We in Newark deeply resent the fact that Mayor Booker will not share a stage with his challenger Clifford Minor and come before a live audience of Newark voters. This is not how a democracy is supposed to work.


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