Investigation of stowaway claims in Port Newark turns up empty

Stowaways Suspected In Container Ship Docked In NJ
I opened this link dreading a scene from Season 2 of The Wire, but after a full day of searching, no evidence of stowaways has been found.

Dock workers rushed to unload stacked containers from a cargo ship that arrived in New Jersey from the Middle East on Wednesday after a Coast Guard inspection team heard knocking for about two hours that suggested stowaways might be inside one of the boxes.

More than a dozen ambulances and law enforcement officials met the 850-foot Ville D’Aquarius when it docked early Wednesday at Port Newark, one of the nation’s busiest ports. Large mechanical cranes began unloading containers from the ship.

By midday Wednesday, all but one ambulance had quietly left the pier. Coast Guard spokesman Charles Rowe said officials have inspected 80 of the 200 containers authorities believe could be carrying people. The ship has 2,000 containers altogether.

Update: Search at Port Newark is completed, no stowaways found

Author: Ken Walker

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