Super Summer 2012 kicks off in Newark

WBGO: “Super Summer” Arrives in Newark

[Actor JD Williams, an] Arts High School graduate says while the summers of his Newark childhood weren’t spent on the streets, he’s witnessed the hopelessness some kids feel.

“There’s things that children shouldn’t be surprised to see. You know, they shouldn’t be surprised to see something this nice. We should be used to this, but like I said Newark, I think we’re getting there.”

News brief captures the excitement of the day. The report is Flash-only, but I did manage to dig up a link that was mobile-friendly: click to hear the report.

I did check with @NewarkNow to see if there’s info online for parents with children to find out what activities are going on this summer. I’ll post it when available.

Newark Patch also promises photos tomorrow.

Author: Ken Walker

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