More July Fireworks: the Return of the MUA

Star Ledger: State threatens to withhold aid unless Newark council introduces budget
Didn’t get enough fireworks on July 4th? Just wait for July 19th.

The debate over a politically contentious Municipal Utility Authority to manage the city’s water supply comes into sharp focus again as the state sets a deadline for Newark to deliver its 2012 budget.

Under a memorandum of understanding between the city and the state last year, Newark agreed to introduce its budget by Feb. 29. The state Department of Community Affairs has looked the other way in the intervening months.

That ended Thursday afternoon around 4 p.m.

“Newark City Council is now more than 4 months late introducing its budget and, as with last year, is on track for being the last municipal governing body out of more than 540 calendar-year municipalities to introduce its budget,” Local Government Services Director Thomas Neff wrote to the city’s nine council members.

Author: Ken Walker

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