Quitman Street School Struggles

Schooled By Substitutes at Quitman Street
Heartbreaking chapter in the multi-part story (this is no. 7 in the series) on the struggles of Quitman Street school in the Central Ward.

Quitman is one of eight “renew schools” in Newark this academic year, part of a showcase turnaround initiative that gives principals autonomy and additional resources in exchange for results. Although initial internal testing shows progress among the youngest students, the state exam scores will come this summer. No one, however, expects a quick fix.

In giving Glover unprecedented authority to select his staff last spring, Newark Superintendent Cami Anderson said she expected it would take a few years for him to get the right people in place. “I think he and others will take a real step forward, and just like recruiting any team, you make some picks you thought were great that turn out to be not so great,” she said in a June 2012 interview. “It’s a process.”

Author: Ken Walker

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