Crime spikes as weather warms in Newark

After recent surge of violence, Baraka announces plans to ‘occupy’ crime-plagued Newark blocks

Sobering, but sad to say not surprising. I had wondered if Baraka’s initial enthusiasm about improvements in crime had more to do with the unusually long winter than any initiatives undertaken by the city.

Earlier this year, Baraka touted a 40 percent drop in homicides and substantial declines in overall crime during the year’s first quarter, compared with the same period in 2014.

But the arrival of spring has brought a spike in violence across the city, all but erasing the once-significant reductions.

As of March 29, Newark police had recorded just 15 murders, though shooting incidents as a whole were roughly on par with the year prior. In the weeks since, however, the number of homicides has more than doubled to 32. Statistics dated May 3 indicate that 113 people had been shot so far this year, a 26 percent increase over the first four months over 2014.