The Daily Newarker is written and produced by Ken Walker. That’s me.
In May 2005, I started TDN as a way to connect with neighbors in my then-new home of Newark, NJ. From its humble beginnings, the blog has connected me to some of the most interesting people in the city doing the most amazing things.

From urban farmers dreaming of rooftop gardens, to entrepreneurs launching a firm Don Draper could be proud of, one of the most exciting elections in New Jersey’s history, this site has become a journal of the evolution of a proud American city—a site by, for and about Newarkers.


The logo was designed by Thibault Geffroy (France, 2011) and is provided for commercial use with attribution from the Noun Project collection. I love its simplicity. The striped building calls to mind 550 Broad Street and its steeple and trees remind me of Trinity & St. Philip’s Cathedral on the north side of Military Park.

Get in Touch

Have questions or comments about the site? A hot tip or an advertising inquiry? Please get in touch with me at ken@dailynewarker.com

You can also reach me on Twitter, where relationships are built 140 characters at a time, at @dailynewarker

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