High Street District Walking Tour, June 13th

Hello, join Newarkhistory.com for a walking tour of the old High Street, Lincoln Park, and lower Broad.  Our tour will begin at Arts High School and take in a collection of architecture representing over 150 years of Newark history.   Come learn what’s so “Divine” about the Hotel Riviera, take in the wonders of “beer baronial” architecture with the Krueger and Feigenspan mansions, consider ethnic migration at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, several former synagogues and Presbyterian churches, consider class migration in the former Silk Stocking district of Lincoln Park, and finally marvel at what civic pride can do at the Essex County Courthouse.
Special Opportunity! We are going to be seeing the inside of Hopewell Baptist Church/B’nai Jeshurun.

The tour begins at 2:00 at Arts High School (550 Martin Luther King Blvd).  Please check http://www.newarkhistory.com on the day of the tour if there is a forecast of inclement weather.   The cost of the tour is $10 for adults, $5 for anyone 13-18, and free for anyone younger.

More information is available at my website: http://newarkhistory.com/highstreettour.html

There is no need to RSVP.

Ironbound Walking Tour, March 21st

Join Newarkhistory.com on Sunday, March 21st at 2:00 for a walking tour of one of Newark’s most interesting and diverse neighborhoods, the Ironbound.  The tour will visit sites in the Ironbound reflective of the neighborhood’s role as a receiver for first generation immigrants and as an industrial center.  To illustrate ethnic succession the tour will visit churches that have been owned by three totally different denominations and churches that are near-copies of churches in “Old Countries” in Europe.  The tour will visit precious green space that is loved as only parks in a dense, lawn-less neighborhood can be.  Finally, the tour will pass remnants of Newark’s great industrial past and learn about the roles that Newark’s industrial tycoons once played in Newark’s life.   
The tour will begin at the intersection of Ferry and McWhorter Streets at 2:00. 

Price $10 for adults, $5 anyone 10-18, free for children.

For more information, please visit:

New Gathering Place for Forest Hill Moms

Life in Newark can be serious business, owing in no small part to the challenges of child rearing. Finding the right schools, keeping up with parent/teacher meetings, ferreting out just the right extra-curricular activity for your child — you all get the drill. This stuff changes your life forever, and if it weren’t for helpful advice from friends in the form of books, emails, conversations or whatever, some of us would be more dependent on the bottle — of a different variety, of course — than our little bundles.
Here is a new discussion forum for Forest Hill parents, designed to be another source of advice and helpful information to moms and dads in Forest Hill. This is great, because I’m the type of person who is generally friendly and great to know. However, put me under just the right circumstances, and I might take hostages to get what I want. And I wouldn’t want to set that kind of example for the new Baby on the way, would I? Of course not. So, this group will do nicely for me and anyone else who needs to ask a lot of questions, or who is a fountain of information and loves to share.


75 Murders in Newark! The Last Victim is 16 Years of Age and No One Cares!

Are we crying still? Are we again outraged? Do we even still care? In July of 2007, 3 promising college students were gunned down behind Mount Vernon in the Vailsburg section of Newark, NJ. A part of town where ghastly murders usually do not occur. As a city we got angry, cried and rallied against violent crime and even called for the resignation of the mayor, because his promise of making Newark a safer city has not yet materialized. We thought Iofemi Hightower, Dashawn Harvey, and Terrance Aeriel would be the wake-up call. Yet, two months later we’ve experience 15 more murders and at least 3 of the victims have been under 21-years-of-age.
Marquis Shoulders, a student at Westside High School, who many said was good kid, had his life ended after an argument with someone in a car that pulled up on the street where he stood, in front of a middle school in the Vailsburg section. But what is so much colder than the way in which he was killed, is the aftermath of his death. There are no protests down town on the steps of city hall. There are no calls for the mayor’s resignation. There is no increase in county or state police presence. No one is crying any more. No one is angry. Newark has fallen back into its complacent feeling about violence, and has once again come to accept that murder is simply apart of our lives.

I remember talking to someone during a conference in March, in Minneapolis Minnesota with someone who was from Chicago. He asked me, “is it that bad in Newark”, and I replied without hesitation, “yes”. Someone who was with me, who is an older guy who loves Newark, and never likes to speak about it in a negative light, sounded much like Police Director Gary McCarthy. He replied by saying, “that its not random killings and little children, but its gang members, drug dealers; people who are involved in crime”. However, my assertions and beliefs have been validated all year. And that is that bullets have no names, crime is random in Newark, and much of the city is in chaos. An 8 year was shot, a 3 year old, a 70 year old woman, the 3 gruesome murders behind Mt. Vernon, the 20 year old on Elizabeth Avenue and Meeker Street, the 16 year old boy on Pennington Street, the man who was killed by his son, the man shot to death on Smith Street the same weekend as the Mount Vernon incident, and the woman who was stabbed to death by her step son. There are so many being shot and killed and its a shame that I can name this many instances without looking into the newspaper, or knowing any of the inviduals personally. Many of these individuals weren’t involved in violence, or drugs, or gangs, or general crime, but they live in a city where they struggle and simple disputes turn deadly, as quickly as the second-hand on a clock turns.

My hope is that someone sees the light, and politicians stop making heavy handed speeches about what it is that they’re going to do and speak honestly to people. The honesty should be that without the help of the community at large, nothing will take shape. Not to mention, in one term as mayor, Cory Booker couldn’t hope to stem the tide that has been rising murder for the past 5 years. With 3 months left in the year, we could easily see 105 murders again this year. How do we make sure that doesn’t happen?

Ironbound Tour – date changed to Saturday, August 11th.

Hi, I’m very sorry to do this, but I am changing the date of my Ironbound walking tour to Saturday, August 11th, at 2:30. The reason for the change is that I want Sunday to be the rain date.
Please check out www.newarkhistory.com/ironboundtour.html for more information.

Come one, come all! Meet interesting people and learn more about the city we all love.

May 19: Weequahic Walking Tour

Hi, this is just a reminder that I’ll be offering a walking tour of Weequahic this Saturday, starting at 12:15. We’re going to be seeing a lot of interesting places that even some of you veteran Newark explorers may not know about. Meet at the intersection of Lyons and Elizabeth Avenues.
Only $5, way cheaper than a Clem Price or Elizabeth Del Tufo tour!