House Culture: A Photographic Exhibition @ Newark Art Supply

RECEPTION: Thursday, Dec. 6, 2007 / 6pm to 9pm
Newark Art Supply is located @ 61 Halsey Street (Corner of Halsey & New St.)House Culture

STATEMENT By Ryan Joseph, Photographer

The focus of this project is to expand the visual vocabulary of the LGBT community beyond that of the mainstream perception, especially to include people of color.

I started out taking portraits of people in the LGBT community by trying to break away from conventional images usually used to portray this community such as men profiled as fashion-sensitive or stylish, to the sexy hot girl-on-girl lesbian stereotypes which our dominant heterosexual society finds easy to digest.  As I started to explore the images and culture I came into contact with, folks recommended I look into the underground Ball Culture to further develop my project.

This project is done in conjunction with Edgar River-Colon, an anthropologist who specializes in gender and cultural studies and who is presently writing his dissertation on the Ballroom or House Culture. As of now this is a work in progress and these images are a representation of what I have accumulated.

Ps. I am constantly looking for people to particapte in the project.