Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder will play NJPAC

Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder will play NJPAC

10 años después de la primera vez...
Creative Commons License photo credit: Eitzel

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder is embarking on a rare solo tour next month, and he is coming to Newark. He will appear at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center on Aug. 7.

Tickets, $65 to $75, go on sale at 1 p.m. July 11. Call (888) 466-5722 or visit

Bill Cosby brings ‘blunt’ message to community leaders

Bill Cosby brings ‘blunt’ message to community leaders

Comedian Bill Cosby told several hundred people at a conference of community associations Thursday to stand up and confront the ills facing black Americans and ignore those he called “intellectual panhandlers.”

Characterizing his own words as “blunt, but not harsh,” Cosby criticized a culture in which “babies are wearing $40 sneakers while their mothers are feeding them Oodles of Noodles” and in which pimps and murderers are seen as heroes.

During a speech that lasted nearly an hour, he began by comparing current attitudes to a patient who ignores a toothache until it requires major surgery.

Several times he exhorted the audience to “stand up and stop looking for somebody to blame,” a mantra that has angered some black leaders who have accused him of downplaying the effects of long-term discrimination.

Cosby is a frequent visitor to Brick City and has stirred a bit of controversy from time to time over his sharp remarks to Newarkers.

False shades of Red

There is a wide spread rumor that has been somewhat confirmed through out the city. The recent concert containing rapper Lil’ Wayne was cancelled because of his blood affiliation. I don’t have true confirmation of this so this is a alleged. I would have thought the fact Cory Booker was allegedly threatened by the bloods this concert would have helped.
 How you may ask if it is wide know Lil’ Wayne is a blood all alleged as I said. This would have been a perfect chance for the Mayor to show his power and control by going on stage with Lil’ Wayne. This would of been a sign of solidarity and piece on the alleged part of the bloods and of Booker. What better way to show control over a situation than to make piece with your alleged enemy.

If in all actuality the bloods did threaten him and Wayne is a blood cancelling the concert at the last minute no less is a sign of cowardice. Why gang members flock where other gang members are and Lil Wayne is one of the most popular rappers out right now. He is every where by standing with him you show the bloods or any gang that you stand for any challenge and fight for your city through all adversity. By cancelling the concert you show cowardice in a sneaky I got you kind of way.

I’m am not a advocate of gangs or supporter in any way I’m supporting my city and wanted the Mayor to show the young people who need someone positive. I doubt they really know the true meaning of gangster is politician and nothing would have been more gangster for Booker. I also think of the revenue lost that promoter and the performers may not want to come back to our city. Which I believe is opening a new arena if I not mistaken but so what all the acts I have heard of being lined up aren’t for current Newarkers but for the Mayor’s“New Newarkers”. I guess I’m not one of them but less “Rock on at the Rock” or whatever the catch phrase is. 

Bon Jovi to Play 10 Shows at the Rock

It’s been reported that Bon Jovi will be playing ten shows to open the new Prudential Center Arena as opposed to the one show previously reported. The dates will be: Oct. 25, 26, 28, 30, Nov. 1, 3, 4, 7, 9, and 10. All ten go on sale to the general public on Saturday, June 23, 10 AM and are expected to sell out quickly. Order tickets through TicketMaster.
From the press release:

““AEG”: is proud to announce that Bon Jovi will make history when they rock ‘The Rock’, opening Newark’s world-class Prudential Center,” says Nick Sakiewicz, President of AEG New York/New Jersey. “The Bon Jovi shows will get this venue off to a great start, and play a major role in the revitalization of the city. Newark will never be the same.”

“We are going to light up the Prudential Arena with a blaze of glory,” said Newark Mayor Cory Booker. “The oldest and greatest city in New Jersey will open the newest and greatest arena in the nation, energized by the talent of Bon Jovi, the vision of our partners in this project, and the power of Newark’s residents.”

Prudential Center is the first major sports and entertainment venue to open its doors in the nation’s top media market in over 25 years, and will showcase 76 luxury suites, 2,200 club seats, and an array of amenities and conveniences for fans.

“Since the day construction began we have consistently said our objective was to bring the best in first-rate entertainment to this venue,” comments Jeff Vanderbeek, Chairman and President of Devils Renaissance Development, the affiliate company of the National Hockey League’s New Jersey Devils responsible for operating and maintaining the team’s new home. “And we could not be more excited about Bon Jovi
opening the Prudential Center! Jon is synonymous with the best of New Jersey.”

Bon Jovi’s new CD Lost Highway will be in stores on June 19th featuring the single “(You Want To) Make a Memory”. Go to to preorder now. Watch this week for the debut of the new video on AOL First Look, VH1 and CMT.

Chico, the Newest (and Furriest) Newark Celebrity

The New York Times is reporting on the life and times of Newark’s latest celebrity, Chico the dog. The Silent Treatment. Chico, the broadway co-star of the Broadway hit, Legally Blonde, was found at the humane society right here in the streets of Newark.

An hour earlier, Chico had arrived at the Park Avenue penthouse of Cindy Adams. Jazzy Jr. and Juicy, her well-chronicled Yorkshire terriers, were volubly beside themselves. But Chico was unmoved. He avoided them, editorializing on the statuary.

“I think he’s giving his opinion of your paper,” Ms. Adams said, adding that the last time Chico visited (she devoted most of a column in The New York Post to it), everyone had gotten along and Chico hadn’t peed all over the place.

Ms. Adams did what she could. She brought out toys, sang “La Cucaracha” to Chico and licked his ears. But he remained stoic.

So who is the real Chico? He grew up on the mean streets of Newark, and ended up in the Newark chapter of the humane society. A year ago, Mr. Berloni called the chapter trying to find a Chihuahua who could act.

“They said ‘He’s handsome, he’s young,’ ” Mr. Berloni recalled. “ ‘But he’s a little tough.’ ”

Busta Rhymes Filming in Newark

Well, okay, it’s mostly because he got snubbed by the Bloomberg administration, but Busta Rhymes is filiming in Newark. The Star Ledger has the story: “Busta Rhymes Makes the Scene”:

Lupe Todd, a spokeswoman for Mayor Cory Booker, said the city of Newark had no problem with Busta Rhymes shooting here. The Mayor’s Office is responsible for approving film permits.

“As far as we know, Busta Rhymes was acting accordingly and we thank him for his business,” said Todd.

Webb described the movie as an “urban thriller with a hip-hop feel.” Scenes were filmed at the Riviera Hotel and on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Busta Rhymes plays a murderous villain who throws a baby out of a window in one scene, said Webb.

Bill Cosby in Newark

Bill Cosby came back to Newark to discuss stemming the violence the city has experienced in the past six months. He essentially stuck to his script of criticizing disengaged parents and political leaders that have failed to attach the city’s problems effectively. 7Online and the Ledger have the story:
7Online: Bill Cosby discusses violence in Newark

Comedian Bill Cosby appearing in Newark on Tuesday night, but he was not there as entertainment.

Instead, he is speaking out about the alarming rate of violence in that community, especially among young people.

So far, 50 people have been murdered in Newark this year.

Live from the Ledger: Comedian Bill Cosby urges Newark to get serious

Cosby, 68, has been on a bit of a crusade lately, traveling the country to talk about many problems plaguing inner-city America, particularly poor and lower middle-class African-Americans. He has hosted “A Call Out with Bill Cosby” events in more than 20 cities, taking testimonials from residents on ways to curb violence, dropout rates, and teenage motherhood.

But tonight, Cosby came at the invitation of a city council committee examining Newark’s violence problem. He arrived two days after a string of shootings Sunday that left two people dead and 11 injured, illustrating the city’s rising rate of gun violence.

Cosby, who has visited the Newark area often, didn’t mention the shootings. The committee was taking testimony about youth violence and the underlying causes, and Cosby largely stuck to his usual script. He railed against parents who ignore their children, kids who learn English from gangsta rap and the failure of churches and city officials do anything about it.