Reminder: Sit for a portrait this Friday and Saturday

Alone and Together: Tintype Portrait Studio at Gallery Aferro October 3 + 4th, 1-7 PM

email for an appointment, or walk in.

Photographer Keliy Anderson-Staley is inviting the public to have their portrait taken at Gallery Aferro on October 3 and 4th from 1-7 PM. Sitters can come solo or with a loved one. The sittings are free. A print of the image is $10.

The downtown Newark area was once home to many portrait studios where people could come to have a high-quality portrait made. By photographing contemporary America, especially in diverse New Jersey, Keliy is compiling a beautifully made record of what we all really look like, using a classic process.

Keliy hopes to meet and photograph as many people as possible while she is in Newark. All are welcome!

This portrait series is made with the wet plate collodion process, the leading mode of photography in the 1850’s and 1860’s. Tintypes are positive images exposed onto metal. This historic process has a different relationship to time than digital or film photography. The chemistry is hand-mixed and poured onto the plate in front of the sitter. As soon as the exposure is made in the wooden view camera, the plate must be taken to a portable dark box to be developed and fixed. The wet plate collodion image captures a pose held over several seconds or even minutes. This prolonged gaze creates a tension between the sitter and the camera. While a snapshot captures a moment about a 1/1000 of a second long, the tintype process allows for a portrait of a person or a couple to unfold over time; the image produced can then slow down our looking. A viewer sees the hard lines of bone structure, wrinkles and blemishes, but also sees bright, focused eyes staring back intently. This process allows the photographer and the viewer to stare, but it is not entirely voyeuristic, as the sitter stares back. The act of taking someone’s portrait can once again be an event.

Opening at Gallery Aferro this Saturday 7-10

Please join us for the opening of two new exhibitions:
Outside Over There
Fourth in the annual urbanism exhibition series curated by Emma Wilcox

Dwell, Robert Lach, Project Room

September 27 – November 22, 2008 Opening Reception September 27, 7-10 PM

Gallery Aferro 73 Market St Newark NJ

Will Work for Food by KH Jeron
Bring a can of food to barter with robots. All proceeds to be donated to Newark food banks

Outside Over There is an exhibition, as well as a food drive and a portrait studio. It is inspired by the signals traveling in the airspace of cities worldwide, and the ability of these signals to penetrate structures, by transmissions, codings and exchanges of ideology and consumer goods, interactions real and imagined, between more and less industrialized nations, including the cargo cult and the syndication of TV programming.

Artists: Keliy Anderson-Staley, Mireille Astore, Martin John Callanan, Karlos Carcamo, Margarida Correia,Susan E. Evans, Judith Hoffman, KH Jeron, Tamara Kostianovsky, Charles Huntley Nelson, Anne Percoco, Dorothy Schultz, Jeff Sims, Peter Tuomey Jr, Tammy Jo Wilson

The impending end of nondigital TV has evoked for some class and cultural divisions within America. By repairing TVs with reed thatch from the NJ meadowlands, Anne Percoco suggests such divisions, as well
as the complexity of a globalized economy.

Charles Huntley Nelson’s video, “Why Not on TV” questions the presentations of African Americans on television in relationship to their actual history and present realities, and is narrated by an
omniscient visitor who may be a space alien.

Photographer Keliy Anderson-Staley will be operating a tintype portrait studio in the gallery on Oct 3rd and 4th. Sitters can come solo or with a loved one. The sittings are free. A print of the image is $10. Made with the wet plate collodion process, the leading mode of photography in the 1850’s and 1860’s, the portraits echo downtown Newark’s past density of commercial portrait studio’s, while picturing the diversity of modern urban NJ.

For more information please contact Emma Wilcox

Ringling Bros. coming to Newark arena

Ringling Bros. coming to Newark arena
First, bulls running loose in the city, now the Ledger has pictures of elephants storming Prudential Center.

Well, not quite. Minnie the Elephant is a part of the Ringling Bros Circus, posing with Mayor Booker and Bello the daredevil clown. The circus will be returning to the city at the Prudential Center with shows starting up in October.

“This is so meaningful to me,” Booker told the children, recalling his annual birthday circus trips with four friends when he was a boy. “We had to travel to New York to do it, and now I’m so excited that we’re bringing this great family entertainment home to Newark, N.J.”

The circus will perform seven shows at the Prudential Center, from Oct. 16 to 19, according to the show’s producer, Feld Entertainment. Feld has also booked the arena for two more of its family shows: Disney Playhouse Live from Sept. 5 to 7 and Disney on Ice in December.

Politicker NJ: Corzine presses for statewide schools construction funds in the Ironbound

Corzine presses for statewide schools construction funds in the Ironbound

Gov. Jon Corzine stood with Assemblyman Albert Coutinho (D-Newark), Assemblywoman L. Grace Spencer (D-Newark) and other lawmakers in the East Ward today and promised to back legislation to pay for new urban schools construction.

“We need action before June 30th, so that we can fulfill our Constitutional obligation to provide our children with a thorough and efficient education,” said the governor, moments after taking a tour of the Oliver Street Elementary School.

“What we saw today were tremendously energetic teachers teaching a special education class in a closet,” said Coutinho, in an address to students and reporters in the school parking lot following the governor’s tour. “What we saw was a school that is 40% over the student population limit, which is the average in the East Ward.

Corzine said Coutinho’s legislation would carve $2.5 billion out of income tax receipts to replace schools such as the Oliver Street School.

“Let’s put the pressure on Trenton to fight to get these schools built,” Corzine said to applause.

Normative Behaviors: New Video by Michael Paul Britto, 10/27

Normative Behaviors: New Video by Michael Paul Britto

Aferro New Media Room

October 20-November 17, 2007
Opening Reception Saturday October 27, 6-9:30 PM

Gallery Aferro proudly presents Michael Paul Britto’s solo show, Normative Behaviors, in the New Media Room. New and unseen work will be premiered, in addition to acclaimed works such as Ghetto Games, Authenticity of a Smile, and Super N Word.

Britto says that he has “always been fascinated by the creativity spawned from not having, or being deprived. Ghetto Games explores such resourcefulness: the ability to modify one’s surroundings to be more conducive to one’s amusement.”

“I like to challenge the viewer to remember the past, and pay close attention to what we accept in our everyday lives as being acceptable behavior from popular culture.”

Britto’s work has been shown internationally, including in Uncomfortable Truths -The Shadow Of Slave Trading On Contemporary Art & Design, Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington, London, Frequency, Studio Museum of Harlem, New York, NY, Black Panther Rank & File, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA, and S-Files, El Museo del Barrio, New York, NY. He is also a 07 Smack Mellon studio recipient.

Desiderium at Gallery Aferro (also, GPS-enabled shoes)

DesideriumSeptember 8 – October 6, 2007
Opening Reception September 8, 2007 6-9 PM
Curated by Evonne Davis

Gallery Aferro 73 Market Street Newark NJ

Desiderium (n.) Deep, unfulfilled longing. Yearning. Desire without hope.

29 Artists explore this theme, including Newark born-and-residing talents Les Ayre and Kelly Pinho. There are numerous interactive elements to the show, including a motion- sensing video display, an artist-designed gumball machine, audio pieces and GPS- enabled platform shoes.

The Platform Shoes: (a monthlong event)
Fulbright Fellow and Eyebeam resident Norene Leddy will be offering the public the opportunity to try on “hacked” platform heels that feature an embedded LCD screen, GPS transmitters and an audible alarm. Their functionality touches upon issues of safety, freedom and surveillance that almost any urban resident can relate to.

The Platforms Store is open:

Try on the Platforms sandals Sept. 15, 22, and 29 from 12-6pm. Take them for a spin around the block, and let us know what you think. Demo sandals are available in a variety of sizes up to a women’s 12 / men’s 10. Aphrodite Team members will be on hand to guide you, answer questions and to take custom orders. To schedule an appointment, call us at (646) 652-7186 or email us at appointments AT theaphroditeproject DOT tv. Walk-ins will be accommodated when possible.

Audible Alarm Demonstration Sept. 29

Sept. 29 at 4pm we will hold a live demonstration to show how you can
build your own personal audible alarm system for around $10. The
system is easy to assemble and uses parts available from RadioShack.
No soldering or special skills are required. In addition to shoes,
this alarm can be used in handbags, jackets and other clothing. Email
diy-aferro AT theaphroditeproject DOT tv for more info and a parts

Aferro Publications Available Now

After high demand, Publication No. 1, “Our Man in Havana” can now be
purchased here. Publication No. 3, “I Dream of a World Where the World Never Happened” will be available at the Desiderium opening as a limited edition of 50 signed by Evonne Davis


The Spanish civil war is the inspiration for this Saturday’s event at Gallery Aferro. A sneak preview can be seen here. Many members of the close-knit artist community of Newark contributed time, skill, grunt labor, props, original artwork, and themselves as performers to create this spectacle. There has been a spirit of humorous camaraderie as people arrived at the gallery each morning for rehearsals and filming, changing into 30’s-era costumes that they wore until nightfall, even during pizza breaks.
But recent events have gotten me thinking about other artistic endeavors that attempted to respond to that war, such as Picasso’s Guernica, depicting the fear and suffering of civilians in a violent time and place. The props created by local artists for 1938 include several historically accurate flags. Gallery Aferro currently does not fly a flag. We have always wanted to: it is the sort of decorative, cheerful gesture that when multiplied, signals a city’s vibrance. Suggestions have included a Jolly Roger, to suggest our independent, artist-owned and operated status. Another was a white flag, to suggest neutrality, peace. But the pirate flag has connotations of lawlessness and violence, and the white flag also means surrender.

At the very least, art can provide a restive moment out of our complicated and difficult lives. Occasionally, it can function as a common language for people to reach each other with.

I don’t know what flag to fly this week. I can only join the rest of the city in mourning three people that I never met, and won’t get a chance to.

For 2 Nights only at Gallery Aferro

1938August 11 + 18th, 2007 at Gallery Aferro

Instigated by Sebastian Patane Masuelli
Performance by American Watercolor Movement at 8 PM

1938 is a site-specific installation instigated by Aferro studio resident Sebastian Patane Masuelli with musical collective American Watercolor Movement 1938 is also an original film created by Masuelli and filmmaker Michelle Mumoli.  Jersey City-based American Watercolor Movement, consisting of Tom Barrett, Joe Centeno, Jason Cieradkowski, John Fesken, Mark Townsend and Brian Wilson, will be giving two live performances of “The Mustacio Suite,” a musical score to the film with lyrics based loosely on the Spanish Civil war.  During each performance, Masuelli will play VJ, creating a new narrative for one night only.  Artists contributing to the set include John Fesken, Aferro resident Jesse Wright, Pete Tuomey Jr, and Seth Godwin.

The recruitment and involvement of an extended community of artists and musicians for the project constitutes a semi-ironic reference to underground resistance, not unlike Thelonious Monk’s 1968 Underground album.

Sebastian Patane Masuelli is an Argentinean-born installation artist currently in residence at Gallery Aferro. His work has been seen recently in The S Files at El Museo del Barrio, NY, NY and La Argentina Pinta Bien at the Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  He is also the founder of the Fease art collective, which took over abandoned Bloomfield storefronts with performance and exhibitions.

A recent reviewer wrote of American Watercolor Movement: “It’s hard to imagine this amalgam of junkyard technology, unabashed artiness, multiculturalism, and high theory coming from anywhere else” (but New Jersey.) Their songs have been described as “confusing, sleazy, foggy, threatening, decayed; usually sexy, sometimes dangerous, always alluring.”

Motivated by a self-described affinity for lost causes, Masuelli has assembled a ragged army of volunteers to create a strangely seamless alternate world within Gallery Aferro’s Newark space.  A ghostly aura of idealism and artistic production past hangs over the entire undertaking.  Please join us this August,1938.

False shades of Red

There is a wide spread rumor that has been somewhat confirmed through out the city. The recent concert containing rapper Lil’ Wayne was cancelled because of his blood affiliation. I don’t have true confirmation of this so this is a alleged. I would have thought the fact Cory Booker was allegedly threatened by the bloods this concert would have helped.
 How you may ask if it is wide know Lil’ Wayne is a blood all alleged as I said. This would have been a perfect chance for the Mayor to show his power and control by going on stage with Lil’ Wayne. This would of been a sign of solidarity and piece on the alleged part of the bloods and of Booker. What better way to show control over a situation than to make piece with your alleged enemy.

If in all actuality the bloods did threaten him and Wayne is a blood cancelling the concert at the last minute no less is a sign of cowardice. Why gang members flock where other gang members are and Lil Wayne is one of the most popular rappers out right now. He is every where by standing with him you show the bloods or any gang that you stand for any challenge and fight for your city through all adversity. By cancelling the concert you show cowardice in a sneaky I got you kind of way.

I’m am not a advocate of gangs or supporter in any way I’m supporting my city and wanted the Mayor to show the young people who need someone positive. I doubt they really know the true meaning of gangster is politician and nothing would have been more gangster for Booker. I also think of the revenue lost that promoter and the performers may not want to come back to our city. Which I believe is opening a new arena if I not mistaken but so what all the acts I have heard of being lined up aren’t for current Newarkers but for the Mayor’s“New Newarkers”. I guess I’m not one of them but less “Rock on at the Rock” or whatever the catch phrase is. 

Super Summer

I applaud Mayor Booker on his “Super Summer” initiative. Our children need to find something better for them and their own futures than congregating at the ‘chicken shacks”. Swimming, tennis and other activities provide something out of the ordinary for our children. Newark is full of oppurtunities educational and edu-tainment wise that we  as city residents should take full advantage of.
 It is also up to as parents, uncles, aunts ,older siblings, etc to not only expose the children but expose ourselves. The best way to help our children succeed with our lagging academic system is to allow them every chance to learn they have. Newark has a veritable plethora of educational oppurtunites. The public library, the musuems, aljira, city without walls, njit,rutgers. Not only does our fair city provide structured educational oppurtunites but the 3rd oldest city in the nation has historical sites as well.

 As the current regime if you will of leaders we must make sure we know enough to educate. I my self find amusements in learning my history and the history of my city and try to place this wisdom with all I come into contact with. The more we learn the more they learn and that helps them regardless of their current financial situation. As some us know most Newark sites are free to visit especially for Newark residents. 

 I took my nephews to the museum for a free face painting session and learned more about native american culture than you would expect in children’s face painting and bead making workshop. So to aide in a “Super Summer” join in some activities with you children and their friends. Take them to these places instead of sending them there and you may learn something as well.  Who knows the summer of fun may extend for the rest of the year.