Soccer rivalry gives way to celebration

Ironbound turns into huge party as Spain, Portugal fans come together for rivalry match

In the Iberia restaurant square, the bells were ringing and the kids were dancing, soaked by a spritzing hose and spilled sangria. Crowds in Spain’s yellow and red soccer colors, and Portugal’s red, green and white, rushed in from Ferry Street, some wearing the country’s flags as capes.

Maybe it was the capriciousness of penalty shootout soccer. Or maybe it was the sangria. The Spanish fans danced, and after a brief period of sullen griping, the Portuguese danced with them.


Also, validation that I had, indeed, witnessed sullen griping yesterday.

Sullivan: Seton Hall-Rutgers match isn’t pretty

I can’t wait for the day that metropolitan-area basketball is something that is very special. I think it’s going to take off when our programs collectively are really fighting for something. We’re building. When we’re fighting for something I think it will be meaningful for this area.

— Rutgers basketball coach, Fred Hill, following Tuesday’s Rutgers-Seton Hall game at the Rock