Weequahic Tour this Sunday

Hi, I just wanted to post a reminder that I’ll be leading a walking tour of Weequahic this coming Sunday at 12:15. Weequahic is one of Newark’s most attractive neighborhoods with a hidden historical richness that I hope I can bring out for you all. Though the tour will have a great deal of Newark history in it, certain theme’s in Weequahic’s history resonate with the rest of the nation.
More information is available at my website, http://www.newarkhistory.com.

Weequahic Tour, December 14th

If you’re interested in seeing one of Newark’s best looking and most historic neighborhoods, I invite you to come on my December 14th walking tour of Weequahic. We’re going to be starting at Divident Hill and moving on to sites representative of Weequahic’s farm days, the creation of the park, the development of the neighborhood, the Jewish heyday, and African-American present.
Weequahic may appear suburban, but if you know where to look, Weequahic has just as many layers of history as the Ironbound, the North Ward, and every other part of Newark.

The tour is free if you have already been on one of my tours before, $10 if it’s your first time adults, $5 for first timers under 18.

We will be meeting at 12:15 at Divident Hill (the intersection of Lyons and Elizabeth Avenues).

More information is available at my website.

New Parks Coming to Newark

Jesse Allen Park

I received a flyer from the City Hall the other day describing the new parks coming to the city. The city is partnering with philanthropists to bring playgrounds, sports fields, pools and walkable green space to Newark neighborhoods.

Mayor Cory A. Booker and the City Council create the largest historic fund for City Parks

Through Green Spaces, a historic public-private partnership, Mayor Cory A. Booker has announced the restoration and construction of parks throughout the City of Newark.

The City of Newark has committed $20 million of capital funds which will be matched by private dolllars. Mayor Cory Booker is partnering with foundations, organizations, such as The Trust For Public Land, and individual philanthropists from around the country to accomplish this ambitious goal.

The renovated parks will include improved city pools, professional quality football and soccer fields, baseball diamonds, basketball courts, state-of-the-art playground equipment and more. These parks will provide Newarkers of all ages safe and expanded opportunities for recreation, relaxation and sports competition.

“Every young person and adult in our City, in every neighborhood, should have abundant access to green spaces, parks and recreation. This should be a fundamental part of life in our City and I am determined to transform our City’s landscape to accomplish this goal,” Mayor Cory A. Booker.


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See full release: Moving Newark Forward: New City Parks (PDF).

Newark man is shot in South Ward

Newark man is shot in South Ward
Man receives a non-fatal wound from an assailant after a woman jumps into his car. Sounds like some date.

McClendon said the victim reported that he was on Seymour Avenue meeting a female friend when he saw her running towards his vehicle and then jumped in.”

A male then came and attempted to shoot the female, but hit him instead,” the spokesman said.

The bullet struck his arm and exited into his side. He drove himself to the hospital, McClendon said.

Entrepreneur’s Act of Faith Bred on the Gridiron

Entrepreneur’s Act of Faith Bred on the Gridiron
Profile of a local sports hero-turned-businessman, Altarik White.

When Mayor Cory A. Booker gave his State of the City speech in February, some of the loudest applause came when he announced something far less dramatic than the drop in the number of murders: a loan to Mr. White from the Brick City Development Corporation that would allow him to open the Subway he had long been planning. Not downtown, where there were already several others, but in a neighborhood where national chains, and foods that haven’t been fried, were in short supply. Mr. White’s Subway opened in April, an act of faith in his city as much as of entrepreneurship.

“In our community, there’s not a lot of healthy places to go — no Whole Foods, no Stop & Shop, just a bunch of Chinese stores, hamburger joints and fried chicken places,” said Mr. White, whose Subway is on the other side of Weequahic Park from the school where he coaches and works as a substance awareness counselor. Next door is Seth Boyden Terrace, a public housing project where a triple shooting took place last year.

“Who’s to say that people, because they live in Seth Boyden, that they don’t deserve good food at an affordable price,” he said. “What I say to people who say, ‘That’s a tough place,’ is, ‘Yeah, well, guess what – it’s a tough world we live in.’”

New York Times: Frustration at Shootout on Streets of Newark

Frustration at Shootout on Streets of Newark
Details emerge around the recent South Ward shooting that took the lives of an adult and teenager in the city streets at daylight.

Mr. Booker moved to his apartment in a three-story house with a two-car garage on Hawthorne Avenue in November 2006. The mayor, who was not home at the time of the shootings, said he had no intention of leaving the South Ward. Shootings in the neighborhood have dipped sharply, he said, and cameras are scheduled to be installed throughout the area in the coming months.

“We’ve made significant strides this year,” Mr. Booker said. “But don’t fool yourself. The battle isn’t over.”

NJ.com: Two killed in Newark shootout

Two killed in Newark shootout

A man and a teenager from Newark gunned down each other during a fight on a busy street in the city’s South Ward this afternoon, authorities said.

The two had become involved in a “physical altercation that escalated into an exchange of gunfire,” said Newark Police Detective Todd McClendon.

The killings occurred at the corner of Hawthorne Avenue and Huntington Terrace, just two blocks from Mayor Cory Booker’s house and near Route 78.

That makes three homicides this weekend, bringing the total to 21 compared to 33 this time a year ago — a 33% drop that brings comfort to absolutely no one. Maybe it’s time for Mayor Booker to resume his surprise visits through the police stations.

Star Ledger: Shooting in Newark bar injures four

Star Ledger: Shooting in Newark bar injures four

Two men and two women were shot in the incident, which took place around 2:30 a.m., at the Paradise Club on Frelinghuysen Avenue, police said. The women were shot in the leg and arm, and the men were shot in the hip and hand, McClendon said.

Overall in the city, there have been just two homicides this year, compared with 13 over the same time last year, and shootings also are down nearly 50 percent from the previous year.

Star Ledger: Four arrested in Newark drug raids

Star Ledger: Four arrested in Newark drug raids

Four people have been arrested during an undercover sting in Newark that netted more than $20,000 in drugs, authorities said today.

After neighbors on Weequahic Avenue provided officers with “detailed information” on known drug activity in the area, the department’s 5th precinct narcotics enforcement team conducted two undercover operations Friday afternoon, said Detective Todd McClendon, a police spokesman.