Soccer rivalry gives way to celebration

Ironbound turns into huge party as Spain, Portugal fans come together for rivalry match

In the Iberia restaurant square, the bells were ringing and the kids were dancing, soaked by a spritzing hose and spilled sangria. Crowds in Spain’s yellow and red soccer colors, and Portugal’s red, green and white, rushed in from Ferry Street, some wearing the country’s flags as capes.

Maybe it was the capriciousness of penalty shootout soccer. Or maybe it was the sangria. The Spanish fans danced, and after a brief period of sullen griping, the Portuguese danced with them.


Also, validation that I had, indeed, witnessed sullen griping yesterday.

Spain beats Portugal, Ironbound sighs

Spain conquer Portugal, self-doubt

A bruising semifinal encounter in Donetsk, Ukraine was won by Spain on penalties, 4-2, after a scoreless tie.

Pretty quiet around here.

Update: Spain beats Portugal and…

Spain beat Portugal 4-2 on penalties to enter Euro 2012 finals and the Ironbound goes wild!

Okay, apparently Iberia is flowing with sangria and mirth (hat tip to the Glocally folks).

I guess I should have walked a little further east. I did see some seriously glum fans in red and green, though.