News Journal Service: Award Recognizes Mayor’s Use of Social Media to Connect with Constituents

News Journal Service: Award Recognizes Mayor’s Use of Social Media to Connect with Constituents

Through Twitter, Mayor Booker was able to connect residents with snow removal resources and alert response agencies to areas in need of action.

Required to give his acceptance in Twitter’s 140-character maximum, Mayor Booker read his remarks from his phone and said, “Newark is rising thanx 2 the power of people working together. Thank u Twitterverse & Tech Corps 4 unifying people 4 inspiration & justice.”  

Mayor Booker has been an active Twitter microblogger since August 11, 2008 and currently has 1,076,008 followers.

Booker on Rachel Maddow’s Show

Cory Booker on the Rachel Maddow Show
If the Twittersphere is any meaningful representation, Booker’s appearances in national media have the world falling in love with him.  But, they might have to get used to the occasional Booker verbosity were getting used to here in Newark.

Newark mayor Corey Booker on MSNBC: “I want to luxuriate in the racial deliciousness of our country.” Yum! Also: Ew! — Slate (via Twitter)

Wallenda High-Wire Video

Photo Credit: MSNBC
If you didn’t catch the record-breaking, high-rise, bicycle-riding derring-do of Nik Wallenda of the Flying Wallendas, fear not: through the miracle of YouTube, you can relive the moment.

The crossing, which took Wallenda across a 128-foot-long wire at a height of 235 feet, won the world record for “longest distance and greatest height by bicycle.” The cable was strung between two cranes and ended at the southeast corner of the Prudential Center.

The video from this morning’s Today Show coverage includes the nerve-wracking moment when Wallenda’s bicycle actually began to slide backward along the cable when he was just inches from his goal.

Neurotic Jersey; Rutgers football and a 9/11 tribute

Neurotic Jersey; Rutgers football and a 9/11 tribute
Yesterday’s Ledger Live put journalist Brian Donohue on the streets of Newark to find the truth about whether New Jerseyans are among the most stressed in America — neurotic, anxious and impulsive.

According to a study conducted by the University of Cambridge, Jersey is among the leaders in the nation for neuroticism. Donhue put the study to the test in his man-on-the-street interviews; hilarity ensues.

Ledger Live – 09-11-08

Yesterday’s Ledger Live Covers the Sharpe James Sentencing

Yesterday’s Ledger Live Covers the Sharpe James Sentencing
Either because I’m self-deprecating or self-conscious — still deciding which — I neglected to mention that the Ledger Live featured yours truly in yesterday’s video podcast discussing the Sharpe James sentencing.

John Hassell and Brian Donohue are doing some fantastic work at the Ledger to bridge the gap between old and new media. Their new podcast launched this Monday, and covers stories of interest weekdays at noon. Check it out.