Opining on the St. James Closure

Bicycle Mark at Citizen Reporter was kind enough to get in touch a few days back and get my thoughts on the closure (or, it seems, loss of services) at Saint James Hospital.
Citizen Reporter: The Threat of Hospital Closings in Newark

Why are two very needed hospitals in the city of Newark, NJ under threat of closing down? Money, politics, business.. what are the reasons being given and how do they hold up under some real scrutiny? My guests: Ken Walker of the Daily Newarker and Christina Hilo of the NUSSJ and SaveStJames.com help dissect the situation.

We Discuss:

  • St. James and Columbus hospitals
  • The hospital debt and funding
  • Cathedral Health, who they are
  • Possible Scenarios
  • Uninsured Patients
  • The difficulty of organizing in an immigrant community
  • Latest Meetings