Newark Meets the Wire: Brick City Documentary to Air Mid-2009

The Sundance Channel will produce a six-episode documentary series about Newark to air summer 2009.  The series is backed and may be produced by Forest Whitaker: SUNDANCE CHANNEL SERIES AIMS TO REMAKE NEWARK, NJ.

In what sounds like a non-fiction answer to The Wire, the Sundance Channel will produce Brick City, a docu-series set to explore the issues facing Newark, N.J. through first-hand access to citizens, local officials and the city itself.

Forest Whitaker, still hot from his Oscar for The Last King of Scotland, has emerged as the requisite celebrity backer of the series, though his role outside of a producer remains unclear (Reuters suggests a voice-over is a possibility). The series will be co-directed by Marc Levin and Mark Benjamin, and will pivot around a number of the ills the city faces, be it institutionalized corruption or environmental concerns.

The show, to be set over at least a year to follow the city’s progress over time, will debut toward the middle of 2009 with an initial order of six half-hour episodes.

More from the Reuters release in the Times: Forest Whitaker And Sundance Trying to Save Newark.

“Brick City” will center on Newark Mayor Cory Booker, local citizens and key figures — from real estate developers to ex-gang members — as they try to remake the city, working to stamp out violence, poverty and corruption and make improvements in housing, employment and education.

My wife and I are huge fans of the Wire, loved Revolution 67 and Street Fight, and can’t wait to see what Sundance is putting together.

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

4 thoughts on “Newark Meets the Wire: Brick City Documentary to Air Mid-2009”

  1. Big fan of all the films you mentioned… and curious what this one will be like. But I wanted to raise one point of… concern for me.. lately everytime Cory is interviewed he’s fighting back against the negative image of newark. I understand some of his frustration, but at some point I also grow weary of his attempt to paint one giant rosy picture of newark. I know he’s the mayor and marketing is sometimes part of it… but I wish the truth would be his guiding principle instead of selling the ideal picture of the city.


  2. What a surprise! My family live in Newark for the last 40 years. I love Newark and all its parks, places, restaurants etc. I was surprised to see the other at the Simphony Hall that there were having some activities regarding this show. I called some friends and asked them about it and no one knew anything. How are we going to change something if nobody knows what’s going on in Newark?
    Please let the people of newark know what’s going on in their city.


  3. the how was good and Mayor Cory A Booker is a great Mayor., He is the rollmodel young brother need to look up to in Newark. Stop the gand violence. In loving memory of Brielle Simpkins and Sujeiti Ocasio.


  4. This is in response to Bicycle Mark:
    Cory is one man fighting against an ocean of negativity. There are a million negative things said about Newark on a daily basis, at some point you have to highlight the postitive events taking place in order to maintain the optimism needed to turn things around. If you want positive, listen to Cory; if you want negative watch the news because thats all they seem to cover.


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