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Great press conference on crime today w/ Mayor Booker, but now on way 2 another shooting incident on Norman Rd., when is this going 2 end?


Now: board meeting with stop shootin’ Inc, one of newark’s most socially responsible orgs. After: a Newark pride alliance debrief mtg.


Great Newark documentary – Brick City premieres Sept. 21-25 on the Sundance Channel –


Where are the jobs in NJ? These industries are on the rise:


Great lunch at boi na brasa on adams st. Rodizio never gets old. An espresso will get hold me over til 5.


mmm chicken cutlet sandwiches from francesca’s. hold any kind of vegetables or anything green on dre’s. guy loves to eat healthy ha


R. Kelly NJPAC in Oct. We're sending an update to facebook fans w/ a password for a presale. Fans can get tix early.</blockquote><p style="margin: -1em 0pt 1em;text-align: right"><cite><a href="">&mdash;NJPAC

Adversity has a way of bringing us together…causing us to tackle, even the most difficult challenges, together.


wonders why police departments across NJ continue to avoid describing organized groups affiliated with Bloods and Crips as gangs.


Check out our latest “Ask the Mayor” video responding to a question from a supporter on Facebook:


“Most of the things worth doing in the world had been declared impossible before they were done.” – Louis Brandeis


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